Relief from the US's wildest storm

Texas Baptist Men's Relief Aid

Texas Baptist Mens (TBM) went immediatlely to the greater Houston, Beaumont, and Nederland areas where Hurricane Harvey struck and then later all the way through Hurricane Irene. Hear testaments to the support and solidarity of community TBM was able to provide through local Nederland Baptist Church pastor and Citizen of the Year Jason Burden as well as others affected by the storm.

Inspiring Dead-to-Life Twin Adoption

Buckner International

With a near death experience, a surprise at adoption, and the love this family share, their story has inspired tens of thousands of people nationally. Visit their Facebook page or visit their site at

Buckner-Rangers Press Conference Recap

January 17th, 2018

Texas Rangers has partnered up with Buckner International to fund a family pathways center in Amarillo, TX. They have had a long relationship of enriching the lives of children by strengthening families, and now they both take that further by outreaching in the Texas panhandle. Hear Ken Hall, Albert Reyes, and Cole Hamels speak on this great opportunity!

ZTV's New Series Launch

Real Biz Talk with Zondra

Addison's first TV Network, ZTV launches their ZTV studio in collab with Presidential Suites for their new series, Real Biz Talk with Zondra!! Excited to be a part of their journey and produce their series!! Check out for more info!! 

Cooking E-Course

Life at the Table - Sandra Lewis

The wonderful Sandra Lewis now has a cooking e-course called "Change Your Life" about reaching an even greater of fulfillment by enriching your life and your kitchen table community with amazing food. Check out her site at!

Bridgeway Group Appreciation Party

Fall 2019 Top Golf Event

David and Kelly with the Bridgeway Group loves showing how much they appreciate their clients. Hear their heart and their heart of gratitude for their community of families they've gotten to work with and are excited to work with you too!

Dean Lindsay

Speaking Reel

International speaker and author, Dean has encouraged thousands with his motivating messages and humorous storytelling.

Claire Richard Campaign Video

Park Cities Mortgage

Claire Richard with Park Cities Mortgage speaks about their home buying guide to help demystify the process.

Keller Williams DMN

Coaching Testimonial

Part of what helps springboard an agent into growth is coaching. Rachel shares how the coaching team motivated and empowered her, and encourages other agents to consider participating.

JP Dog Training

E-Course Promo

JP with JP Dog Training has an e-course to help dog owners be the leaders their dogs need them to be. Here's a promo done up for JP's company advertising the E-Course. Learn more at

Josh Wright

Voice Lessons Promo

Josh Wright is a talented singer, writer and teacher, and now teaches in Old Town Lewisville at Legacy Music Studio. He uses his all-encompassing vocal background and compassionate heart to really connect with his students and help them achieve their vocal goals. Learn more about Legacy and book Josh at

Southwest Financial Credit Union

Branding Video

On The Mark strengthens its credit union clients by providing services to boost video content for their partners on their site and on social media. Here's a video done for Southwest Financial Credit Union. Visit to learn more.

Mom's in the Making Conference Highlight

Faith-based Infertility Conference

Jessica and Melanie encourage, inspire, and motivate future mothers to have faith and pray into God's timing. Such a blessing to be a part.

Valley Creek Young Adults

Clay's Testimonial

Feeling connected is one of this generation's biggest struggles. Clay's battle to feel like he fit in encourages others that they are not alone and that there is hope.

Every House Tells A Story

YouTube Series with Bob Erwin

Bob Erwin is a multimillion-dollar real estate agent walking his audience through some of the most coveted homes in the North DFW area. Here he showcases a beautiful 6,000+sqft home in Tour18, just northwest of the Grapevine Lake. Contact Bob at or search "Every House Tells A Story" to follow his YouTube series.

Todd and Hillary Baden's Testimonial

Bridgeway Group's Family of Clients

David and Kelly with the Bridgeway Group focus on client engagement first and foremost. For them, they've been blessed to build friendships out of this industry, all the while helping them find their dream home.

Valley Creek Church's HUB | Leadership Recruitment Video

Part of a series, this video talks about an "Only God Moment" when she shares about how God confirmed how she should be a part of student ministry and hopes to recruit others to volunteer alongside here at Valley Creek Church's Hub. Visit the church's website:

Bridgeway Group

High Dollar Home Walkthrough

This beautiful home, right off the lake, is primed for comfortable living. Bridgeway Group with Keller Williams loves to help families looking to buy and sell. Visit their website at

Buckner International

2018 End of the Year Video

2018 was an outstanding year for Buckner ministries positively impacting over 150,000 vulnerable lives. Consider donating or volunteering with their welcoming team at

JP Dog Training

Rafael Chac's Testimonial

Rafael Chac shares his experiences with JP Dog Training. Visit JP Dog Training at

Blue Fuse Realty

$800,000 Home Walthrough

Blue Fuse excels helps buyers and sellers with excellent branding and storytelling. Talk with Brian and Tisha White for excellent service.

Kelley Johnson Enterprises

Rent a Center Testimonial Reel

Kelley Johnson Enterprises spoke with Rent a Center to encourage and empower women in the workplace to live healthy business relationships. Hear a few of those in attendance be honest and share hope with those struggling in the workplace. Visit Kelley's website at

Buckner International

Therapeutic Foster to Adoption

One of the greatest needs in foster care and adoption is children with heightened medical needs. Shaine and Cheryl Welch share their adopted son's inspiring story and inspires other parents to consider foster care and adoption.

Ed Wale's Story

A Call to Volunteer

Ed Wale's has served Buckner since 1999. He encourages all who want to make a difference to volunteer and help reach kids across the world. Visit their site at

Valley Creek Church's HUB | Color War

Summer HUB and Youth Group Event Recap

What's a summer youth group without a little competition? I absolutely loved volunteering at Valley Creek and made sure that the events hosted there were well remembered. Here is a recap video of one of the most epic battles of 2017: Valley Creek HUB's Color War! Visit the church's website:

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